During my 6-month Graphic Design Internship with the Communications Team at MyWDWProgram, a division of Disney Internships and Programs at The Walt Disney Company, I created over 100 pieces of design work to effectively communicate various offerings and events to more than 17,000 Cast Members participating in different programs such as Disney College Program, Disney Professional Internships, Cultural Representative Program, among others, at the Walt Disney World Resort. 
My role was to create visually appealing design elements that conveyed the appropriate messaging and captured the essence of the Disney brand, while adhering to the company's established guidelines.
During my tenure with the Disney Programs Communications team, I played a key role in designing marketing collateral and day-of-signage for more than 50 events. As the creative lead for each event, I carefully crafted the layout of text and supporting character imagery and illustrations to effectively convey the event's theme and message. Standard marketing packages for each event included a flyer, poster, CastTV slide, email preview image, and an Instagram Card. 
In addition to designing these materials, I also supported the production of physical items such as silver signs, tickets, lanyards, A-frames, and tabletop signs. This occasionally involved laminating, cutting, and printing these items. With 2-3 events per week, I was responsible for fully executing all supporting materials, ensuring that they were delivered on time and within budget constraints.
During my internship from September to October, I had the privilege of being the first intern and sole designer for the Communicator newsletter. As the lead designer, my responsibilities included designing the layout, implementing changes in font type, color, and style, which were carried over to future editions. To make the publication fun and engaging, I incorporated character art while also ensuring that it effectively communicated essential information to over 17,000 Disney Programs participants.
The Communicator was a 4-page publication that folded-out into a full monthly calendar. As part of my role, I also helped capture images at Disney Programs offerings, which were featured on the back of the publication. My primary goal was to create a visually appealing and informative publication that effectively communicated the Disney brand's core values to its audience.
To ensure effective communication with our Program Participants, I played a key role in updating transportation schedules, which included updating online schedules and creating printed A-Frames. Additionally, I regularly created assets for social media and captured supporting photography, which I edited as needed. 
To enhance our email communications, I taught myself motion graphics and created engaging visual content to support our messaging. I also assisted with inter-departmental communication, creating items such as Holiday greeting cards, Basics cards, and charts. My contributions helped ensure that communication within the organization was clear, engaging, and effective.
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