During my tenure at VMLY&R, I progressed from a Graphic Design Intern to an Interactive Designer, where I played a critical role in the Studio/Production team. In this role, my primary responsibility was to create and code emails and web banners for the Dell account. I worked closely with my team to ensure that all designs met the client's specifications and adhered to the brand guidelines. My contributions helped to ensure that our team delivered high-quality work that met the client's expectations.
As part of the Dell account team, I played a key role in creating and executing their email marketing campaigns. I collaborated closely with the creative team to design visually appealing emails using Photoshop, which were then submitted to the client for feedback and approval. Upon receiving approval, I would then utilize Dreamweaver to code the emails using HTML and CSS, ensuring that all images were properly sliced, links were inserted, and the emails were optimized for responsiveness across various platforms.
During the holiday season, when demand was at its peak, I was responsible for designing and coding up to 20-30 emails per day, with a quick turnaround time of just one day. My attention to detail and proficiency in both design and coding were essential in helping to ensure the success of the Dell account's email marketing campaigns.
During my time at VMLY&R, I gained experience in creating web banners using Brackets and JavaScript. Working with the provided style guide, I designed the banners by adding text and images and carefully adjusting the timing and transitions. I also ensured that the banners were properly resized to fit all the sizes requested by the client, starting with the standard size.
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