I completed two design projects in my classes: a magazine spread and a book jacket. For the magazine spread, I designed the layout of the text and used my own images for the content. For the book jacket project, I was assigned to represent a book of our choice through a metaphor. I selected the red envelope because it symbolizes the object that initiates the entire journey for the narrator.
During my typography classes, I undertook two projects that showcased my creativity in designing with type. The first project involved creating 3D type out of an object and then translating it into a more abstract metaphorical representation. For this, I chose to use flower petals to symbolize growth, as flowers are often associated with mothers who nurture our growth.
In the second project, I created a video where I used type to bring movement and dynamism to the screen. Taking inspiration from Captain Marvel's superhero powers, I designed the type and its motion graphics to reflect her strength and agility.
©Vivian Bermudez
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